Wednesday, August 09, 2006

An "I Love Lucy" Kind of Day

I missed a week of blogging last week while I kept to the grindstone on my WIP Monday through Wednesday then spent Thursday and Friday preparing for and having a routine medical test that required a short visit to La La Land. That "twilight" stuff is okay.

This week I'm back on track and have been working hard at getting the new and improved version of Murder for Breakfast ready for the ACFW conference next month. That's where I hope to pitch it to editors and agents. I also want to resurrect my women's fiction called Place of Peace and make some changes in the format and plot. That story is truly the "book of my heart," and it won't let me push it aside.

Today started out peaceably enough. I spent time in prayer then took a mile walk where I continued in a prayerful attitude. Perfect way to transition into writing upon my return. Which I did, sitting on my balcony, laptop on my lap, birds singing, sun shining. Came inside to work when the glare was too much to see the screen. Got going on the next chapter then decided to take a short break. That's when my serene day became an I Love Lucy episode.

I love natural peanut butter. Not only is is good for you, it tastes better than the other stuff! The part I don't like about it is that when you open a new jar it needs to be stirred. I started as I always do with a wooden spoon. Then I had the bright idea of using my electric hand mixer. A word to the wise: Never, never, never mix a jar of warm natural peanut butter with an electric mixer!!! The gooey stuff was everywhere: the counter, the walls, the toaster oven, the spice holder, a bowl of fruit. So much for sticking (no pun intended) to my story for the day. Two hours later the mess is cleaned up and I smell like....What else? Wonder if I could sell the new scent.

Moral of the story. Be flexible, don't lose your cool even when the unexpected happens, and be ready for anything. You never know what the day will bring. Besides, you can always use whatever happens in your story.

Oh. And I still love my Smuckers!

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