Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Morning Walk Blessing

Since I attended my church's Saturday evening service last night, I stayed home this morning and savored a long special time with God. Since the day was heating up fast, as soon as I finished my Quiet Time I hustled out to walk before I could talk myself out of it because it was too hot.

My condo complex is adjacent to a small strip mall with a rather eclectic mix of businesses. There's an Italian restaurant, a dentist, a nail salon, a magic shop, a tanning spa, and a bakery, followed by a veterinarian's office and a hair salon. And bringing up the rear is a dry cleaners.

I always love going by the dry cleaners because the owner is often there, sitting  in the early morning light, reading his Bible. The first time I noticed him, I stuck my head in the door and let him know I'm also a Christ-follower and we rejoiced in the way Christians often do when first meeting like that. Since then, whenever I see him there I wave.

Today I walked by, knowing he wouldn't be there because, after all, it's Sunday. He wasn't, but this Bible was--open and ready to enrich, bless, and teach. I couldn't help it. I pulled out my phone and snapped a picture!

As the camera clicked, a black SUV pulled up and the dry cleaner man climbed out.

Caught red-handed.

He  must think I'm casing his shop or something. I laughed and told him I loved how he left his Bible open and ready for him to dive in, and I wanted a picture of it. He laughed with me (whew!) and said he just worked out and had stopped by to read the Bible and then clean up for church.

I didn't look at the picture I took until a little while ago and I still smile. I wish I could flip through the pages, see his notes or what has been underlined. But I probably wouldn't understand much anyway. It's likely written in Korean. And that warms my heart even more. Many language groups all following the same Jesus and He hears all our prayers no matter what language.

It was an awesome way to begin my Sunday.


Linda Glaz said...

Love these moments with God.

CDennis said...

I love this story! I know that cleaners and have been in there when I lived where you do. Bless this man! That picture is so sweet..nothing like a well-worn bible. Hugs..