Sunday, September 02, 2012

Another New Book Cover - Love Will Find a Way!

This has truly been my week for new book covers. The other day I shared the cover for Love Finds You in Lake Geneva Wisconsin, and today I'm very excited to present the cover for my November 2012 release, Love Will Find a Way.

This is Book 2 in the On The Road to Love Series, and a sequel to my debut novel, Thyme for Love, which released last November.

You do not need to have read Thyme for Love before reading this one, but if you haven't yet read it and want to, it's available on Amazon in print or Kindle edition.


Nancy Thelen said...

Love the cover. Congrats from a fellow Wisconsinite

Michelle Shocklee said...

OK. The sledge hammer has me verrrry curious!! Yay for you, dear friend! Can't wait to read it!

CDennis said...

Yes the sledgehammer is definitely an eye-catcher LOL. I have to know what that's all about and of course to find out what April's up to now, and of course HOW IS IT GOING WITH MARC?? Yikes....gotta wait tho!