Saturday, August 04, 2012

I Give The Glory to God and All the Blessings Fall Down on Me

It's been a long dry and hot summer in the Midwest. Between trying to keep my balcony plants well watered and wincing at the thoughts of my electric bill as the air conditioner churns away, the Olympics this week has brought a welcome respite.

It's awesome to watch the swimmers winning gold, silver and bronze, but the highlight for me so far as been women's gymnastics. I was not familiar with any of the young women on this year's team, but from the start one member stood out to me from the beginning. It could have been her smile that stretches across her face, or the sparkle in her dark eyes, not to mention her uncanny and wonderful gift to fly through the air, twisting and flipping before she nails a near perfect landing every time.

But, wasn't until Gabby Douglas won the gold the other night and she said this in a one-on-one interview right after the medals ceremony, that I knew what attracted me the most to her.

As a recently published author after years of hard work I've been so aware of how much God has been involved in my desire to write, as well as my growth as a writer. It's only been since I totally surrendered the process and my writing career to Him for His glory that things began to happen last year. I've tried various ways of saying this, but a sixteen-year-old girl said better than I ever have.

Congratulations to Gabby Douglas. May you have many years of golden blessings falling down on you!

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