Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Where Do the Days Go?

It's often said that the older one becomes the faster life passes by. Well, right now life is zipping past at warp speed for me. I hate to think what it might be like if I live into my 90s.

As a result, this blog has been very neglected because something has had to give over the past months of overseeing the ACFW Genesis writing contest and writing the sequel to Thyme for Love on deadline. Unfortunately, the blog was something that felt the brunt more than most other things in my life.

I am learning, as I have since this time last year when I received THE call telling me I'd sold my novel, that once on the other side of the line that separates the published from the unpublished, life takes on a different persona. 

I am truly blessed to have book contracts and being able to serve ACFW by giving back to an organization that has done so much for me.

As May slipped in quietly yesterday, I determined  to work hard at posting here at least twice a week.

I walked past this large home last summer on the lake shore path.
Writing-wise as I am preparing my ms. called Love Will Find a Way to send to my new crit partner for her review, my head is already spinning with new ideas for a three-book series set in Lake Geneva, my hometown, once again. But this time involving the families that built the gorgeous 19th century mansions on the lake shore. Many are still there, but so many have disappeared, either by fire, tear-downs, or whatever else. Slowly the legacy of what was Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for so many years is giving over to newer, equally grand homes, but at the same time, we are losing an era that can never be replaced.

I hope to share some of my findings here as I prepare a book proposal.

Truly, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin is a gem in so many ways, and I hope to perpetuate the grandeur of yesteryear in the stories itching to be written.

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Jane Myers Perrine said...

We are retired and keep track of the week by Sundays because going to church is the one consistent. I swan, we no sooner drive home than it's time to turn around and go bac the next week! Where does time go!