Saturday, April 23, 2011

How Great Thou Art - Carrie Underwood & Vince Gill - Happy Easter!

I've heard from several people today that Carrie Underwood's performance last night of the beautiful, much loved song "How Great Thou Art" was awesome, amazing, and so worshipful. I just found it on You Tube and thought it deserved being shared here on this day before Easter.

 Thirty years ago. on another Good Friday afternoon, I sat in a church pew listening to the biblical account of the trial of Jesus and His going to the cross to be crucified. That was an "aha moment" for me as my spiritual eyes were opened, and I realized for the first time that Jesus did that for me. Until then, I knew in my head what He had done, and I always looked at it as a corporate thing. He did it for everyone. This is true, but He did it for me, and you, and you, and you. At that moment I felt so humbled. He didn't deserve what I deserved and yet, He took it for me. From that point on I became a Jesus follower. A Christian.

Yesterday was my spiritual birthday of when I became reborn in Jesus. As we prepare to celebrate Resurrection Sunday, it is my prayer that you would make this weekend your spiritual birthday too, if you don't already have one.

Please enjoy How Great Thou Art.


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beautiful, Pam

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