Tuesday, June 15, 2010

ACFW Conference Has Something for Everyone

Brandilyn Collins, Lena Nelson Dooley, and Collen Coble
This week registration opened for this year's ACFW National Conference to be held in Indianapolis September 17-20. I think I was one of the first to register that wasn't a board member or faculty.

Our awesome dessert at the awards banquet.

This year I am very excited because I'll be rooming with my very good friend, Kim, whom I have been mentoring since the first of the year. This will be Kim's first conference of any sort, and I can't wait to show her the ropes and help her have a very excellent adventure at ACFW. She'll take advantage of our newbie on-line mentoring program that Brandilyn Collins and Cara Putman run each year, and will attend their meeting on the first day, but my mentoring is starting next week as we go over pitching, one-sheets, and all that good stuff.

Yes, the conference does provide for the newbie, but it also provides for the veteran and multi-published author as well. We always have certain workshops that require multiple published works before you can attend. This isn't to make it an exclusive "club," but to allow the presenter to be able to speak to a certain level of author without always having to cover more elementary things that a newly published or prepublished author wouldn't know about.

This year there will also be a special opportunity for media training that we've never provided before. This is also geared to the published author. Marketing is a bigger deal than ever in the world of publishing, and the more we can learn about expanding our platforms, the more salable we become to a publisher's marketing department.
Me & Ane Mulligan at one of the meals

I am literally counting the days until several of us pile into a van and zip down I-65 to Indy. Check out the widget to the right. That's exactly how long before THE day.

The pictures are from last year's conference in Denver. Just a hint of the good times of connecting with other authors, worshiping our Lord, awesome teaching, and meeting with industry professionals.

You don't have to be a member to come to an ACFW conference, but you will pay more money. To my way of thinking, if you are Christian and a writer of fiction, why aren't you a member of ACFW? It's the best fifty bucks you'll spend this year. So come to the website and sign up and then go to the conference page and register. You won't regret it.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Pamela. Thanks you. This year will be my first ACFW, my first ANY conference.

You mentioned a newbie on-line mentoring program that Brandilyn Collins and Cara Putman run each year. I've been watching the forums because I heard that a new thread for new attendees would be posted soon, but I haven't seen it. Maybe I'm not looking for the right thing.

Pamela Meyers said...

The newbie mentoring program will be announced to both the ACFW Loop and News Loop in the next few weeks. I don't know about it being announced on the Forum. If you receive messages from either of the two I mentioned, you should see the announcement. They'll give you a link to join a special eloop for the newbie group.

Can't wait to meet you in person, Katie!

Kym McNabney said...

Good thing I happen to look at your blog, today. The first picture on this article made me realize something. I’m all jeans and t-shirts…and of course, cowboy boots.

Do I need to go shopping? What does one wear to the conference? Yikes, I’ve been so engrossed in other aspects of the conference my wardrobe hadn’t even crossed my mind.


Bonnie Doran said...

I'm also looking forward to the conference. I've enjoyed every year I've attended.

If I can answer Kym's question, the standard dress seems to be "business casual." For me, that's pants, shirt, and jacket in a knit that doesn't wrinkle. You can fancy up this combo for the formal banquet, or go all out with something sparkly.

Bottom line is to wear something comfy, especially shoes!