Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Awesome Experience with Beth Moore

This past Friday and Saturday I traveled three hours to the south to Springfield, Illinois. But, I didn't go to the state capital to visit politicians. I went to sit under the teaching of one of my favorite Bible teachers, Beth Moore.

I have participated in seven or eight of Beth's Bible Studies at my church, and we are currently studying Esther. For those who don't know much about Beth, she writes in-depth Bible studies for women with five days of lessons per week. We meet first as a small group to discuss the five lessons, then gather with other small groups to view her video that prepares us for the next five lessons.

Beth is an anointed teacher. She is down to earth, funny and blessed with energy that rivals a classroom of preschoolers. (I stole that line from one of my stories) God has gifted her with this energy because she needs it to do all she does, traveling, teaching, studying, and still spending time with her family.

Nearly 9,000 ladies descended upon Springfield's convention center. They may be used to a bunch of windy politicians in their midst, but I doubt they knew what hit them when Beth came to town. She beat attendance for an Elton John concert by 50 people! Check out the line before the doors opened! That's only a small percentage of the people.

I'm sure the local businesses loved it. Every hotel space was taken. My friend and I had to stay in a smoking room in a cheap motel. The room was clean, but stunk of smoke. We aired it out and sprayed Fabreze everywhere which helped. We weren't there but to sleep one night. But we'd do anything to be able to attend this event.

I brought home a souvenir I'd rather not have. Last night I developed a stuffy head and feel something like one would feel when being run over by a Mac Truck LOL. But that's okay. It was worth it.

Here's a video slide show from the professional photographer who was there. My friend made it into the montage. What an awesome time. Be sure to give it about a minute to download before the action starts.

Living Proof Live - Springfield IL from Rich Kalonick on Vimeo.


Heather said...

I love Beth Moore's Teaching also... and Travis Cottrell is amazing as a worship leader http://www.traviscottrell.com/

and incase you didn't see my Tweet... Springfield Illinois population was over 116,000 at the 2004 census.

Glad you had a fabulous time!

Pamela Meyers said...

LOL, I was sure I saw the population posted on a sign. Thanks for the correction. It's now fixed.

Amy Tate said...

Every time I see her picture, I thank God for her. Her Bible Study Breaking Free changed my life! God has used her in so many ways to teach me the depths of His love. I'm so glad you had such a good time. Her conferences are glimpses of what heaven must be like, and her love for the Savior is contagious!