Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Where Have I Been??

When I looked at the date on my last blog entry, I nearly fell over. March 2nd! Over a month ago. Can I just say that the month of March went by faster than the speed of lightning?

The first week found me working like mad to get all things done that needed doing before the next week when I headed to Denver for the ACFW Operating Board and Advisory Board meetings. You think Denver and you think mountains, beautiful scenery, seeing friends and family. NOT!

We secluded ourselves in our hotel from morning to night both Friday and Saturday for meetings. By the time we emerged on Friday night to go to Outback for dinner, it was dark. Not exactly helpful for viewing mountains. Oh, and said mountains were barely visible the day I arrived thanks to haze. Saturday we were so tired by the end of that day's meetings we didn't even go out for dinner. Instead we ate at the hotel.

So, at 7 a.m. as the shuttle taking me to the airport made a turn to the west I gasped. At the time I was on the cell with a friend and he said, "What's wrong." I said, "Nothing at all. I'm seeing the mountains for the first time and here I am leaving." And what a sight they were. All snow-capped and glistening in the morning sun. I was able to see them right up until my plane turned east for takeoff. I kept my eyes pinned on Long's Peak, near the site of Estes Park where nearly two years ago I attended the Colorado Christian Writers Conference. It was an hello and good-bye moment.

Once back from Denver it was business as usual, getting the minutes for both meetings written and then the regular minutes for all the board discussions that month completed. In addition, the end of the month saw the end of the scholarship applications and the judging began. We had clear winners of all available scholarships and it was my job to contact them and coordinate all that is involved, including letting the other 53 applicants know they didn't make it.

April started out with just as much of a bang, and here it is already the middle of the month.

Stay tuned. I'm about to post an interview with an up and coming new author, Sara Mills. I'm having a drawing too!

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