Friday, February 06, 2009

A Wilderness Experience

Do I still have readers here?

I hope so. Because with the start of February, I intend to get this blog back up and running. I began the month of January with a vision of writing my WIP (work in progress) like mad so the first draft would be complete by February 1st. Then reality hit. I had a huge project to do in relation to my board position with ACFW. So time consuming that it ate up most of my time, day and night.

Then when that began to ebb, a huge situation rolled into my life that led me straight into the 'wilderness' where the only One to hold me up was God.

I can't share details here, but suffice it to say it's been both the best of times and the worst of times. I've learned so much through these past weeks as God spoke to me in the deepest part of my spirit and I wouldn't trade a single moment. It isn't completely over yet, but I know like it says in Psalm 139, there is no place I can go and be away from God. And praise Him for that! He has been the anchor for my soul during all of this.

As I have been led through my wilderness experience, all but what is absolutely essential has fallen to the wayside. Over the past month, I haven't written anything that wasn't absolutely necessary. No story, no blog, no queries for magazine article. Nada. What I have written are reams and reams in my journal, and what I've read has been Scripture.

As I said, I am still not completely out of the 'wilderness' but just ahead is an oasis. God promises in Isaiah that He will be with us when we go THROUGH the waters and fire. We won't be left in the middle to drown or be burned. And I can trust that the wilderness can be included there. I won't be left to die of thirst.

Today I am giving this blog CPR. And it starts with a huge praise to God.

He is awesome!

Stay tuned.

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THOMBU1 said...

I too, have spent much time in the desert of sorrows, but am coming out by the Grace of God. There are often times of refreshing from the Spirit of The Lord, and He has always been faithful. Thanks for sharing.