Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Concerns About the Election

Every presidential election I become a junkie. An election junkie that is. This year is different. I'm not only an election junkie, but an election warrior.

I have not usually used this platform for political purposes, but this year I feel I have no choice but to speak out. I have been shocked to learn how many people I know are so uninformed about the things Obama and McCain stand for and are relying on the media to tell them.And I'm very, very concerned for the direction this country appears to be going.

It used to be that we could turn on our nightly news to any of the big three, CBS, NBC, and ABC and receive an unbiased report about what was happening with the candidates. Not anymore. The secular media is so unabashedly for the Democratic ticket that they go so far as to quash anything negative about Obama and Biden and only report the positive. At the same time, they have no qualms about reporting anything they can find negative about McCain and Palin. In particular, Sarah Palin has received endless bashing.

I tell my friends to not depend on the network news for their information, but do their own research. Learn how to find the information on the Internet, watch news programs that give you both sides. And use your brain to discern the truth.

The guy I've come to like best in this election cycle is Joe the Plumber. Who knew that an ordinary Ohio guy could quite possibly turn this election around. One little conversation with Obama and he called it what it is. When I heard the phrase "We've got to spread the wealth around," my stomach went sour. Where is the encouragement to better your business through growth? Why bother when you'll only be taxed more and that money given down to someone who hasn't worked as hard as you? Call it what you will, that system scares me.

Then there is the abortion issue. We've had the pro-life, pro-choice views thrown out there for a lot of years now. I'm strongly in the pro-life camp, believing every life is sacred from conception, but Obama has added a new wrinkle. Here in Chicagoland we've been aware for a long time about a place in our Southern burbs called Christ Hospital. A number of years ago doctors were performing late term abortions there as is allowed by law. What most people didn't know was that sometimes the babies were born still alive. Did they quickly dash the child off to have him or her tended to? No. They left the baby laying there to die! This led to proposed legislation to protect these innocent lives against such acts and, while he was a state senator here in Illinois, Obama voted against this legislation. He has given excuses for these votes to appease the naysayers but, in my opinion, they don't add up. If you want to check this out for yourself, go to this site. Another place to educate yourself about this is at author Randy Alcorn's blog.

This has been so much on my heart the past couple weeks, that I've not even posted here, struggling with whether or not I should speak up. We still have a week and a few days to make a difference with how we vote.

All I ask is please, if you've not yet decided who to vote for, educate yourself and try to see beyond what the media is saying. There is substance out there for all of us to read and decide.

Next time I'll be back with chatter about books and writing. I promise.


KarenW said...

I don't usually speak out on political issues either. Now is the time!

Diana said...

Thank you so much for stepping out and speaking up. I too long to do so, but only have talked to other people.

The more I hear (I listen to several talk radio as well as different news stations to get an overall idea) I realize we don't know anything about one candidate except he seems to want to change this country into something it wasn't meant to be.
God Bless!

Kathleen Rouser said...

Go Pam! It's so great that you're speaking out on the Presidential election. I share your sentiments and opinions.
God bless you!

Cherie J said...

How wonderful of you to speak out. I agree with you completely. I also am deeply concerned about the direction this country is taking and have been praying about it for awhile now. Thanks so much for sharing.

May the Lord bless you!