Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rejection - An Author's Worst Fear

Today on her blog, Robin Lee Hatcher has a video clip that I found hilarious featuring a guy reacting to a publisher's rejection of his book manuscript. I don't smoke and rarely drink wine, but it so clearly depicts the way I felt last summer when I received a manuscript back in the mail that I'd slaved over for two months, changing it from first person POV to third. Of course there was no promise from the editor that once it was switched over they would buy the book, but hope springs eternal. :-)

Of course, once the truth sinks in that the story has been rejected, you move on. There's always another publisher who just might like the story, and there's always another book in your heart just waiting to make it's way onto the computer.

And one day, God willing, THE call will come. Until then, I keep on keeping on. Above All Else is progressing nicely through the first draft.

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