Saturday, April 08, 2006

Fractured Feet and Humility

God is keeping me humble. The first full week without my laptop I fell off a curb and fractured my foot! Where was I going? To a friend's to check email. Did that stop me? Not a chance. Truthfully, I didn't realize the foot was fractured. At the time the only thing damaged was my dignity as I lay sprawled on the cement while a man raking the grounds nearby came running over.

When I went to the clinic the next day to have the foot x-rayed, the doctor came into the examining room on crutches and wearing one of those boots that looks more like a ski boot than a walking cast. He also fell off a curb and broke his foot--in two places. Didn't make me feel much better. A few minutes later he told me there was no break in my foot and I went on my way, very slowly. It sure did hurt for only being bruised. So for that and the next day I hobbled around on my heel, either going to my friend's or the nearby library to check email.

Late afternoon on the second day the doc called me to say a radiologist spotted a fracture after all. I couldn't get into the foot doc until two days later when he put me in a boot that looks very much like the one the other doctor was wearing.

So I'm in the boot for at least another week and probably longer. But the good news is the laptop returned home! No more going out to check email.

Today I finished my book proposal for "Murder for Breakfast" and sent it to the publisher. Now it is God's hands. If it is His will they'll ask for the full manuscript. I like the story, my critiquer's like the story, but will the editor's like the story?

God is keeping me humble.

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Judy G said...

Pam, TWV2 looks like fun!
But, on your sad news about your "fur baby"...the vet was right. Cats ALWAYS hide illness until they're very far gone. Unless it's somethingobvious like a broken bone, or something, you can't usually tell they're not well.
Having been deepest sympathy.